A Sharing Engine for Building Community

What’s Cookin’ cooperation platform allows you to offer anything you want to share in your community, and to make wishes so others know what would be welcome.  Neighbors have shared meals, activities, art, gardening, music and more.  Free  and paid offers drive our local economy! 

What would you share?           What would you wish for?

Healthy Food

Wholesome, nourishing home-cooked food could be just a click away...and down the block.

Building Community

Whether batching orders for your apartment complex or just picking up lovely meals from your neighbors, experience a moment of genuine connections with those around you.

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Create Local Opportunity

Not every talented cook has time or money to open a restaurant - but every one of them can cook for What's Cookin'

Meet New People

Our neighborhood workshops deepen connections and create new ones in a fun, non-threatening environment.

Find Home-Cooked Meals Nearby

Whether you are living by yourself or you’re with a group of people, What’s Cookin can connect you to home-cooked food that is nearby and accessible. If you’re on the other side of the coin and you find yourself cooking wonderful food, but not having people to share it with, we can create you an account where you can meet people who will love to eat what you make.