Join Our Team

Coders, creatives, cooks and champions needed!
Earn equity and help transform communities as a What’s Cookin’ co-founder.

Why Join?

You have the opportunity to join a community where you can grow your skills and meet people who are interested in coding, business development, community, and much more.

Each person who joins What’s Cookin’ is given shares of the company based on the their contribution. 

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What We Need


We are seeking cooks who want to cook for their community!


We are seeking developers who want to work in a remote team environment to build an app to better community experience. New coders are welcome! Build your portfolio & work with a team. 

  • react/redux front end
  • python/django back end
  • pair programming sessions
  • part time / flex schedule 


 We are seeking passionate designers who want to assist our team in creating a user experience that helps people cooperate more effectively in their communities.
Desired skills:
  • UI/UX
  • usability and customer experience specialists  


Bring What’s Cookin’ into your own neighborhood.  Earn equity in an exciting startup while helping your community to be more cohesive.


You will have direct communication with other co-founders and your feedback can help perfect the What’s Cookin’ experience.