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Michael Tucker- Coach Extraordinaire

Today we had an event with Michael Tucker, M.A., ACC, CSM, CSPO..  He is an Executive, Team and Group Coach, Consultant, Speaker and Author at Tucker Coaching and Consulting.  His talk was about finding clarity, not only within yourself but how to find clarity going forward in your future.

He defines clarity as the quality of being coherent and intelligible.  Of being certain and definite.  Clarity means it is easy to see and easy to hear.  It is tied to the alignment with self and one’s vision.  Vision is a conduit at which clarity is available and having a clear insight and a function of decision making.  When clients have problems with clarity, there is value to be had.  They can choose between staying in fear of the unknown or choosing a vision and going forward with it.

These are some examples that Michael touches on of what could challenge a person’s vision.

-Lack of vision beyond moment and a bias towards comfort-don’t be afraid of the unknown.

-Poor insight-talk to more people and do more research.

-Address trauma and unresolved issues-you can’t be fully present with your visions if you don’t take care of your headspace.

-Dishonest and unauthenticity of who you are-you are always looking for approval or saying what people want you to say and pretending to be someone you may not actually be.

Coaching is like an X and Y axis.  There is support and there are challenges.  As a coach, if you provide too much support and not enough challenges, the person might not succeed and vice versa.  There has to be a balance of support and challenge.  Start by having a conversation about value.

Michael asks what do you need to stop, start or continue to keep the value of the vision.  An idea might not be part of the vision.  A vision is imagining a desire in existence.  It allows the doors to open for those “A-ha moments”.  He also wants people to connect more with their hearts instead of their heads.  The vision is more powerful if it comes from the heart.

He ends the talk with the question, “When you think about doubt, what does faith look like?”.  It’s a question that a lot of people should ask themselves with whatever vision they have for their future.

Thank you to Michael Tucker for taking time out of his day to give an incredible talk and if anyone would like to reach out to him his information is below.



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