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My Story Line with WhatsCookin

I am Miriam Gitonga from Nairobi Kenya. I joined WhatsCookin late last year as a Software test engineer. I  started working for equity; later on, worked for tasks-based payment. I  was able to do marketing on social media platforms. Adept in utilizing social media networks to identify new opportunities for fundraising and community outreach efforts.

I greatly helped in Fundraising for teachers in Tucson which became a great success.

My mum is the breadwinner she had a small business in an open-air market which she dealt with second hands clothes. On Thursday 25 of March 2021, their structures were demolished leaving my mum in distress as that was the only source of income. Luckily  WhatsCookin came through for us  – Golda Velez one of the co-founders gave me a loan of  $400  which greatly helped in facilitating our day-to-day activities. The money I got for the tasks helped in paying school fees for my younger two siblings who are in class 7. It reached a point that the money I got was not enough for our basic needs I had to incorporate my younger sister to help in the task so that we are able to sustain our life.

Thanks for WhatsCookin that some things were made possible. Through our contribution to the tasks we did, we were able to set up a small business for my mum again.

My journey with WhatsCookin has been an epic one with so much exposure in the modern world, working with people from different timezones, For the steps, I have made in my life and family it’s through WhatsCookin .Forever grateful.


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