Building community in work and life by bringing people together around activities they love.

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Key Features


A Circle is a friendly space where you can be part of a community and connect through conversation and events – virtual or in-person –  around music, food, languages, activism and much more!



On WhatsCookin’, it’s easy to share potential events you would be willing to host, but haven’t planned a time for yet.

Potential events – your “offers” – allow you to generate and gauge interest + snowball momentum for your event!


A Wish is a post where you express your desire to everyone in your Circle. 

If your wish resonates with someone, they could offer to host an event that relates.  You’ll be notified if someone grants your wish!


Find communities and events you love

Building Community
Language Exchange
Food Lovers

Chat with the Host and others who are coming or interested!

Hammer out details, build momentum, and get ready for your event.

WhatsCookin' App available for your smartphone

Snap a picture and make an offer! Great for cooks and creators!

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